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Spring clean your garden

Spring clean your garden

So far, 2019 has brought us snow, a mini summer, high winds and torrential rain – in other words, a typical start to the British spring! All this will be taking a toll on your garden landscaping and structures, so now is the time to tidy, repair and clean. We look at four of the top jobs to ensure that your garden is a beautiful space for the summer.

Repair or replace fences
After the gales of the winter, your fencing may well have taken a battering. Our sturdy Rustic Lap Fence Panels come in a range of sizes and will immediately smarten up your garden. Alternatively, paint your existing panels with Creocote, an oil-based wood treatment which will restrict weather damage and repel water, as well as provide that characteristic Creosote smell familiar to gardeners!

Get ahead on weed control
Keeping weeds under control would probably not make it on to the list of most people’s favourite gardening jobs. This year, why not cut down dramatically on the time you spend on your knees in the flower beds by using Azpects Weed Control Membrane on your borders. Not only will it suppress weeds, it helps to keep the soil moist by allowing rain and nutrients through, reducing the amount of time you need to spend watering. You can also top it with our Spruce Ornamental Bark to complete the effect and make it look attractive.

Start harvesting rainwater
It’s raining again – but this time, make the most of it by harvesting the water in a 200 litre water butt with lid. Set it up now, collect the run off from your shed and it’ll go a long way towards keeping your bedding plants happy if we end up with a long hot summer! Rainwater is also better for your plants and for the environment than tap water.

Check your roof and gutters
During the winter, the wind will no doubt have filled your gutters with dead leaves and moss, and the rain and frost may have caused gaps and cracks in your roofing. Now is the time to check everything over, clear out the gutters, and apply our Everflex Roof and Gutter Sealant, a bitumen-based mastic which will seal those problem areas and prevent weathering.

Get started on that project!
Maybe over the winter you’ve been dreaming about that landscaping project you’ve been meaning to tackle for ages. If you’re aiming to extend your patio or spruce up your garden, why not make this the year when the dream becomes a reality? Whatever you need, our team can provide you with expert advice, helpful suggestions and plenty of enthusiasm, so drop in and have a chat soon.