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PS15 - Knuckle Bend 90degree 32mm.

£4.79eachinc VAT

PS16 - Knuckle Bend 90degree 40mm.

£4.92eachinc VAT

PS17 - Obtuse Bend 45degree 32mm.

£4.58eachinc VAT

PS18 - Obtuse Bend 45degree 40mm.

£4.70eachinc VAT

PS19 - Swivel Bend 45degree 32mm.

£4.27eachinc VAT

PS20 - Swivel Bend 45degree 40mm.

£4.63eachinc VAT

PS21 - Equal Tee 91degree 32mm.

£6.53eachinc VAT

PS22 - Equal Tee 91degree 40mm.

£6.66eachinc VAT

PS32 - Straight Connector 32mm.

£4.37eachinc VAT

PS40 - Straight Connector 40mm.

£4.70eachinc VAT

PS50 - Wastepipe 32mm. 2m length.

£5.60eachinc VAT

PS60 - Wastepipe 40mm. 2m length.

£6.88eachinc VAT
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