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Make easy work of the garden this summer with our top five essential tools and time-savers

Gardening: the great British pastime. When the weather’s good there’s nothing nicer than pottering about in the garden. Not only does it help to promote a sense of relaxation, but a busy afternoon in the garden can keep you trim. In fact, just half an hour of digging and shovelling can burn up to 250 calories. And it’s a hobby that delivers visible results that the whole family can enjoy.

On the downside, unless you employ a gardener to keep on top of your green space, the list of jobs is never-ending, particularly at this time of year. As leading suppliers of landscaping products in the local area, we’ve sourced some of the best gardening tools and time-savers from our Kingsfold depot.

So, if you’re looking for some tips on products that will save you time and energy this summer, check out our pick of the top five essential items for the busy gardener:

1. The spade

Never underestimate the importance of a good quality spade. Cheap products are often a false economy and this tool needs to stand up to some serious wear and tear. The key is durability, guaranteed by quality corrosion-free materials. We recommend the Faithfull SBSW Border Spade in stainless steel, for the professional or home gardener. Crafted with an ash handle and metal tread on top of the blade, this spade is designed to be comfortable to use.

2. Water butt

As any good gardener knows, keeping your plants watered in the drier, sunnier months is essential. Data on household water consumption during this period reflects our desire to keep our gardens glorious – at the peak of summer up to 70% of water supplied ends up on our plants. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, 24,000 litres per year could be collected from every roof, which underlines the significance of storing water to avoid wastage and save money. Our 200-litre water butt includes a stand, tap, and lid to prevent debris from falling into the container.

3. Path and patio sealant

Summer is the perfect time to give your patio a good clean before guests arrive for a BBQ. After a season of wet weather, patio surfaces are often covered in moss and lichen which can be removed with a fungicidal wash and bit of elbow grease. Once the surface is clear, we recommend treating paths, driveways and block paving with Everbuild 405 Path and Patio Seal to save time in the future. This solvent-free acrylic coating will protect surfaces from sunlight and water damage, to leave a hard-wearing, slip-resistant cover for the rest of the year.

4. Tub bucket

Forget the old fashioned, hard-plastic bucket, these new flexible tubs are lightweight, hardwearing and easy to transport your compost, weeds or tools in. We stock three different sizes (28, 42 and 60 litre), so there’s a tub to suit every task. At the end of a busy day in the garden, you can easily carry them to the car to deliver your waste to the local recycling centre.

5. Grubbing mattock

This versatile hand-held tool should be a garden shed staple. With an axe blade and chisel at either end of the tool head, a mattock does the job of several other instruments. From digging out stubborn tree roots to hoeing hard soil, a good quality blade should see you through your gardening career. Our 5 lbs grubbing mattock head and hardwood handle are sold separately.

If you’re ready to grab your wellies and get stuck in, don’t forget that we’re available six days a week for all your gardening necessities. We’re also on hand to help with any gardening queries you may come across while you’re out in the great outdoors, so call or pop in to our depot.