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Five reasons why HardiePlank cladding is a great choice for your home

Five reasons why HardiePlank cladding is a great choice for your home

Thanks to the growing popularity of barn conversions, many parts of Britain are seeing an increase in the use of timber board cladding on houses. Also known as clapboarding, this type of cladding is an attractive alternative to a plain brick exterior, but it does have its drawbacks. Raw roughsawn and planed timber may be inexpensive to purchase, but both require a huge amount of wood stainer before they can be used, as well as regular maintenance, which may end up outweighing the visual benefits.

While other options exist for cladding, few offer the benefits of fibre cement cladding. At NYEs Building Supplies, we’ve recently introduced HardiePlank weatherboard, a new line of fibre cement cladding products, and we’re really excited about its possibilities.

Here are five reasons why HardiePlank weatherboard cladding is a great choice for your home:

1. It looks great
HardiePlank is constructed from fibre cement, and features a convincing textured grain effect for a natural wood appearance, so you get the attractive look of timber with the additional benefits of a hardy man-made material.

We offer five different colours of HardiePlank cladding: Light Mist, Midnight Black, Anthracite Grey, Arctic White, and Sail Cloth, which together provide a useful range of colours to contrast or complement various housing exteriors.

2. It’s easy to install
Mention cement and most people immediately assume you mean something heavy, yet each HardiePlank board weighs just 7.4 kg, making them easy to work with. The planks come ready to use, so there’s no need to paint or stain them before installation.

Planks come as standard in dimensions of 3600mm x 180mm x 8mm, but can easily be cut to fit with a circular saw, and at only 8mm thick do not require pre-drilling when fixing; just use a nail gun to attach them to battens.

3. It’s low maintenance
The planks themselves are engineered at a molecular level to create a strong fibre cement formulation that doesn’t shrink or split. This means you won’t find irritating different-coloured strips emerging from underneath joins, a common problem with timber boards.

HardiePlank’s ColorPlus™ Technology is designed to provide a long-lasting and consistent appearance. Using a multi-coat, baked-on finish, the special paint is 30% more resistant to UV rays than paint applied on site, which means less fading and repainting. It also protects against cracking and peeling, and is guaranteed for ten years.

4. It offers protection
As well as being weather resistant, HardiePlank’s specially engineered material makes it fire, moisture, rot and pest resistant. The boards are non-combustible, with a fire rating of A2, s1-d0 - the highest rating possible for a coloured facade product – and are fully CE compliant.

5. Its versatile applications
Thanks to being low in weight and easy to cut, HardiePlank can be installed in a number of configurations to give various desired effects. For a traditional look apply it horizontally, or for a more contemporary style go for a vertical or diagonal design. It looks great as top-to-bottom cladding, or as an accent or combination with other materials.

So if you’re after a natural, rural look for the outside of your home without costly and time-consuming maintenance, HardiePlank weatherboard is a great cladding solution.

For more information on HardiePlank cladding products, drop us a line or come and say hello at our Kingsfold depot.

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