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Choosing decorative aggregates

Our round-up on decorative aggregates

If you’re undertaking a garden makeover or you want to freshen up your driveway, then decorative aggregates are a great way to add colour and texture to a dull or lifeless landscape.

Versatile, durable and offering myriad effects, decorative aggregates are a great addition to any garden or driveway. However, with numerous types on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for the job you have in mind. We’ve provided our round-up of the different decorative aggregates on the market, along with a few of our favourites.

Chippings, gravel and shingle

Generally used around garden borders and landscaping projects, chippings, gravel and shingle are ideal for adding a dramatic finish to your garden. Low maintenance with excellent drainage properties, they are also great for bordering ponds and pools.  Use them to define areas, such as a water feature, create a pathway or resurface a driveway.

Offering distinctive natural white tones,Long Rake Spa Cotswold Chippings, which are available in bulk bags or smaller 25kg bags, will stand out next to greenery and deliver a modern edge to a landscaping project. 

For a more subtle appearance, try Long Rake Spa Pink/Grey Granite Chippings, or add a traditional finish with a classic gravel, like Long Rake Spa Pea Shingle.

The excellent drainage properties of pea shingle also make it ideal for larger, commercial drainage projects such as sports fields and pitches.

Pebbles and cobbles

Pebbles and cobbles are larger than chippings, gravel and shingle and naturally rounded so offer a softer look and feel for landscaping projects.  

Bags of pebbles and cobbles can be used as mulches for soil, which means they can provide insulation during the colder months and help keep the ground well hydrated in warmer climates.

Long Rake Spa Golden Scottish Pebbles are one of our most popular products and provide an attractive blend of mixed shades of brown, pale pink, red and grey. They are also fish friendly making them ideal for water features and ponds.

Much like other decorative aggregates, shades of pebbles and cobbles will vary from batch to batch and will become a deeper colour when wet.

For a more rustic effect, cobbles, like our Long Rake Spa White Cotswold Cobbles, are an attractive alternative for decorative borders, rockeries and water features. 


A naturally quarried product, slate is available in multiple shades and will vary in size, colour and shape. 

The flat angular shape of slate makes it ideal for many different projects, including drives, paths and mulching. 

Slate’s rich and deep colours are great for making a statement or helping an area to stand out. Colours include anything from charcoal greys to jade greens and plum purples to steel blues.

Whether you’re working on a construction project or making home improvements, we can help. For more information about our products, get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.