Iko Easy Seal Top Sheet Self Adhesive Felt 1 Metre x 10 Metre - Green - Roll

Price (inc VAT): £ per Roll

Product Information

Sold Per Roll


Weight(kg): 0.000

Width: 1 Metre

Length: 10 Metre

Volume: Roll

Material: Top Sheet

Colour: Green

Range: EasySeal Self Adhesive Felt

Brand: IKO


KO easyseal Self-Adhesive System is aBBA Approved (Cert No. 02/3916),high performance, quick to apply roofing system ideal for use on flat roofed domestic buildings where a robust, long lasting built up felt roofing system is required.

IKO easyseal Self-Adhesive System is a two / three-layer high performance system, which was originally developed for small roofs, such as those over garages, porches, extensions and dormer windows etc. However, the fire-safe benefits of IKO easyseal are equally applicable for large projects.

The self-adhesive application process, using no hot bitumen or gas torches, makes it an ideal option for experienced contractors or competent DIY installers alike.

IKO easyseal Self-Adhesive System consist of
three products:

IKO easyseal Underlay (8mx1m) is manufactured with an inert glass fibre base, coated with SBS modified bitumen. The upper surface has a non-removable polyethylene film, with a removable release film to the underside.

IKO easyseal Top Sheet (6mx1m) is manufactured with a high performance polyester base, coated with SBS modified bitumen. The upper surface is finished with a slate mineral. The underside is protected by a release film, which is removed during installation. The IKO Easyseal slate mineral has a 75mm selvedge for ease of lap jointing.

IKO easyseal VCL (Vapour Control Layer) (16mx1m) can be used with both flame free and torch-on warm flat roofing systems where a high resistance to water vapour rising from within the dwelling (i.e. kitchen or bathroom) is required, to protect the insulation.

All three products have been specially formulated self-adhesive additives in the coating. The IKO easyseal System is expected to last over 20 years when installed together as a 2 or 3 layer roofing waterproofing system.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for garages, dormer windows, porches and extensions to habitable buildings
  • No need for hot bitumen, gas torches or messy liquids
  • Simple installation (instruction included)only basic skills and tools required
  • Clean and easy to handle, backing simply strips away
  • Tough and durable
  • BBA Approved (Cert No.02/3916)

How Much Do I Need?

Coverage:First calculate the flat area of the roof in square metres (width x length) and add 10% to allow for side and end laps. Next, measure the total length of the roof perimeter in metres and multiply this figure by 0.3 to give the additional material required for edge details. Add this figure to the roof area previously calculated, and for:

IKO easyseal Self-Adhesive Top Sheet:Divide by 6 to give the number of rolls required.

IKO easyseal Self-Adhesive Underlay:Divide by 8 to give the number of rolls

IKO easyseal VCL (Vapour Control Layer):Divide by 15 to give the number of rolls required.