Ytong High Stength Lightweight Block (7.3n/mm2) 140mm x 440mm x 215mm - White - m2

Price (inc VAT): £ per M2

Product Information

Sold Per Block

Product Code: YTS140H

Weight(kg): 600.000

Width: 140mm

Depth: 215mm

Length: 440mm

Volume: m2

Colour: White

Range: Aircrete Blocks

Brand: Ytong


Ytong blocks are a well known global name for aerated concrete products. The product has unlimited constructional possibilities and good building physical properties.

It is, for example:


impermeable to frost and moisture

excellent insulating properties
Above all, however, it is quick and efficient to lay. In practice, this is a decisive argument for contractors to use aerated concrete, as this results in a high speed construction

Internal and external leaf of cavity walls
Solid walls
Separating walls
Flanking walls
Block and beam flooring systems
Fit for soil conditions D S1, D S2 and D S3