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Time to tackle the garden!

After a barrage of harsh weather, our outdoor spaces have taken a hammering. The promise of warmer weather may be on the horizon, however it’s hard to guarantee we’re going to be frost-free for the next few weeks, which might encourage you to ignore the state of the garden for a little bit longer. But rather than retreating to the sofa, now is the perfect time to prepare before it takes on a mind of its own.

Any groundwork that you can put in will ensure your job is made easier in the coming months. It’s also an ideal time to view the stripped-back version of your space, to identify gaps or areas for improvement.

With the long wait coming to an end, you’ll want your garden to be ready as soon as summer is here, so we’ve compiled a list of the essential landscaping jobs for spring:

1. Have a good old-fashioned spring clean:

The most pressing task is to clean up after months of water damage. Under these conditions, moss and algae will have covered patios, decking and pathways, making the surfaces extremely slippery and dangerous under foot. The best way to tackle this task involves elbow grease, a good quality stiff brush and a specialist Fungicidal Wash designed to remove fungi from surfaces. A pressure washer will also power through built up grime. Once clean, use a stain proof sealer to protect natural stone, tiles and grout from further water damage.

2. Edge to edge:

Now is the best time to distinguish different areas of your garden with edging. Not only does this define garden beds but it also helps to avoid turf ‘creep’ as your lawn springs back into life. The task is easier at this point before shrubs and plants really start to sprout. We stock a range of Natural Sandstone Edging Strips to complement our stone paving range.

3. Repair and replace:

Fences and outbuildings often take the brunt of the weather, so by spring it’s likely they’ll need some remedial work. Good quality pre-made fencing panels are a quick way to restore borders, and come in a variety of sizes. Many are already treated to prevent wood rot and decay. Secure new fencing posts with a Metpost Wedgegrip or Bolt Down, to strengthen the structure. It’s also a good idea to check trellising and lattices to make sure they’re still securely fastened to walls and fences.

4. Time for a change?

If surveying your garden spurs you on to a bigger project, now is a good time to start planning. Get in touch with contractors before they become too busy. If you’re planning to tackle the job yourself, start to compile a list of all the materials you’ll need so you can order ahead. Our team is on hand to offer expert advice on which tools and supplies are suitable for the task.

Show your garden a little TLC and you’ll be reaping the rewards by summer, and if you come across any issues while you’re knee-deep in mud, we’re here to help. Come along to our depot, call us on 01306 628114 or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.