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The no-mow miracle!

For many of us, the perfect garden would feature a lush green lawn, free from dandelions or patches of moss. In reality, the flawless lawn is very difficult to achieve. Keeping up-to-date with all that mowing, watering and weeding is a mammoth job which eats away at precious free time during the summer months.

So it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of gardeners are turning to artificial lawns to provide the same effect, minus the hard work. The latest fake lawns are amazingly realistic and offer great value for money.

It’s not just in the garden that artificial grass can be laid. Our products are suitable for use in all sorts of situations – balconies, roof terraces, or even indoors to provide a fun area in a kids’ playroom.

Some of our customers have concerns that artificial lawns are damaging to the environment. In fact, they can be more eco-friendly than a traditional lawn, since there’s no need to use harmful pesticides or weedkillers to keep the grass pristine. It’s true that the greenest option of all would be to have an organic lawn – but eventually you’ll be mowing the daisies and moss, rather than any actual grass!

So what are the top reasons to make the switch to artificial grass?

  • Easy maintenance
  • Contemporary look
  • Safe for children, dogs and family pets
  • Great for shady areas where moss takes hold
  • Mud and dust-free
  • Superb value
  • Long warranty

At D.W.Nye, our customers can choose from two top brands - Valour and Fame - both of which are available in 4-metre wide rolls. They’re soft and luxurious lawn turfs, suitable for all kinds of uses. You can view them on our website here, or why not call in to our depot on the Sussex/Surrey border to take a look at the products on display?

Here on our website you can order online and arrange for delivery or collection when you check out. Telephone orders can also be taken on 01306 628114.

For more information on artificial lawns, or any of our products, please get in touch with one of our friendly team by giving us a call, or contact us via the link below.