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Supporting build projects for over 30 years

As a leading local supplier of materials to the building industry for the last 33 years, we’ve been privileged to watch and participate in the development and gradual growth of the market.

According to the Builders Merchants Federation, the UK building materials supply chain is now bigger than the automotive and aerospace industries combined. This national success story has helped pull the economy through hard times and looks set to support the boom in housing, in line with the Government’s forthcoming housebuilding targets.

We’re proud of the small part we’ve played in this wider picture, however we’re even prouder of the role we’ve performed locally in supporting build projects of all sizes. From commercial builders to project-only DIY enthusiasts looking for guidance on how to returf a lawn or tackle the patio, we’ve got the materials available at a price that’s competitive and fair.

The service that we offer to our local community, in the heart of the Sussex/Surrey countryside, has helped to create connections and partnerships that have seen us develop into a thriving business, with a loyal customer base. And as a family-run company, this is something we never take for granted.

So, with a little nostalgia, we look back at the history of our company and forward to what the future holds.

From an unusual start

Founded in 1985 by David Nye, the company had an unconventional start as a busy haulage business before becoming a builders’ merchant. Identifying an unfilled demand in the local area and with plenty of space for stock, David’s vision to diversify into supply proved a profitable one.

In 2012, David took the decision to step back from the business as his son Rex came onboard to upgrade the company’s IT system. To this day the business remains a family affair, with Rex now at the helm as Managing Director.

Competitive advantage

Being a local man, Rex is clear about what the community needs from its local building supplier – ready access to the best stock. This is the reputation that has now come to define our business.
Contained with the six-acre site of our depot we hold enough stock to be able to build several houses using the materials available to hand.

D.W. Nye in numbers:

52 - the number of different types of brick available onsite at any one time
25,000 – the quantity of each brick stocked
90 – the number of containers of sandstone imported each year
20 – the number of miles we’ll deliver to
34 – the number of employees at our Kingsfold depot
950 – the number of kilograms of loose aggregate in our bulk bags (well over the BMF standard)
25 – the average percentage increase in turnover per year
8 – the number of vehicles in our delivery fleet

The future

From the early days to now, our approach to the business has stayed the same: providing a first-class service to our customers is central to everything we do. We hope to extend our offering in the future by bringing in specialisations that naturally complement the business and our recent acquisition of the Fixings and Powertool Center in Redhill is the perfect example of this.

As our brand continues to evolve, there is one thing we will never lose sight of and that’s our commitment to providing an experience that’s helpful, friendly and supported by 30 years of expertise.