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Spring clean tick list

Get on top of the spring cleaning with our essential tick list

If your house is a source of frustration rather than pleasure, it might be time to freshen up your space with a thorough spring clean. Traditionally a time when people shake off winter and make a start on the ‘to do’ list, the annual spring clean still has a place in modern life. Giving your house a deep clean also presents a brilliant opportunity to declutter and repair during the process.

If the prospect seems daunting, we’ve put together a tick list of top jobs and helpful products, including tasks that often get overlooked or forgotten. We hope it helps to organise your time so you can eventually put your feet up with a cuppa and savour the scene.

  • Give each room a thorough dust, from top to bottom

Dust ceiling corners, light fittings and skirting boards. Pay particular attention to light bulbs, which collect dust and very rarely get cleaned; you’ll notice a difference in the light they emit afterwards.

  • Wash down walls

Wash scuffs off walls in high traffic areas like hallways, staircases and around the front door. The best product for this is old-fashioned sugar soap, a concentrated cleaning solution which can be diluted in water to remove grease, grime and stains on painted surfaces. It also doubles up as a great all-round cleaning product. Once your walls are clean, treat stained patches to a quick touch up with paint. We stock a large range of emulsion and gloss paints at competitive prices.

  • Shampoo carpets and upholstery

Pop small, loose rugs in the washing machine to refresh. For carpets and heavy curtains, carpet cleaners can be purchased or hired. Choose one with a handheld brush to help with stairs, upholstery and other hard to reach places.

  • Clean the oven and the hob

It’s the job that most of us loathe and frequently put off, however, built-up grease and burnt spills in your oven can cause it to be less efficient. You don’t have to pay for expensive cleaning products as baking soda, mixed with a little water, creates a paste that makes easy work of the job. Leave the paste on overnight and wipe clean next morning with a damp cloth.

  • Tackle limescale deposits

Living in a hard water area means it doesn’t take long for limescale to build up around bathroom and kitchen taps. Soak an old rag in white vinegar and wrap it around faucets for a few hours before washing down with a damp cloth.

  • Replace mouldy sealant

Over time, areas of high humidity such as bathrooms often start to look grubby and tired, and the sealant around baths and showers can become mouldy. Carefully remove the old sealant and reapply with a general purpose silicone like the Everflex Sanitary Sealant, which contains antibacterial qualities to keep mould away.

For more hints and tips on other DIY and landscaping tasks check out our news pages, or pop in to our Kingsfold depot for your spring-cleaning products.