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Retailers need to get real

Last month, the advertising regulator banned an Amazon ad concerning its one-day delivery service available to Prime members. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the ad was ‘misleading’ consumers as a significant proportion of items were not available for delivery by the next day, and followed hundreds of complaints. The ad will not appear again in its current form, and Amazon was ordered to clarify the limitations within its marketing literature.

As consumers, the one-day delivery service is something we’ve come to expect over recent years following growing competition in the postal market and the development of the distribution network. Offering the fastest possible service can be a game-changer for organisations looking to gain that competitive edge however, as our MD Rex Nye suggests, it can set an unrealistic standard that many retailers are simply unable to achieve.

Rex comments:
“This is something I feel very passionately about, as a true, unfaltering next-day delivery service is almost impossible for some industries, pushing companies and their employees to an unnecessary limit. Overpromising to customers has inevitably led some to breaking point and now is the time for retailers to tackle these challenges.

“The best place to start is by being honest with your customer and managing their expectations. Here at D.W. Nye, we’ve found this is the best possible strategy. Being a local supplier, we understand what’s realistically possible when it comes to delivering goods to the door.

“We strive to offer a next-day delivery service and last year achieved this for over 48 weeks out of 52. Thanks to our extensive supply of stock on the ground we generally have everything to hand within our Kingsfold depot. But we’re the first to admit that a delivery may take a little longer in the unlikely event of stock or manpower issues. Our meticulous planning, extensive fleet of vehicles and trusted team of drivers mean we can almost always deliver within 24 hours. But if this isn’t possible, we’ll be transparent. This approach has always gone down well with our customers who have grown to rely on us.”

Rex continues:
“Organisations that push their transport and delivery services to such an extent will make the industry an unrewarding place to work, which will ultimately affect the end consumer in the long run. It is my hope that retailers and logistics providers work together to change the way we talk about our service to the public and don’t promise what we can’t deliver.”

Here at D.W. Nye our fleet of seven vehicles are driven by an experienced and friendly team of HGV Class 2 drivers who help to supply your goods to our guidelines. Being a local retailer, we’re on your doorstep and understand the regional traffic issues so we’re best placed to meet our promises.

For more information on our full delivery and collection service click here or call us to discuss your unique requirements and we’ll do our best to get what you need, when you need it.