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Ensure your project runs smoothly

Whether you’re a self-builder facing the build of a life-time, or an avid DIYer, now is the time to look ahead to the challenges of the new year. Regardless of the scale of the project in front of you, the basic principles of a successful build start at the planning stage.
For some of us, ‘planning’ isn’t a skill that comes naturally. If entering the world of the project manager fills you with dread – do not fear, help is at hand. Here at D.W. Nye, we’ve guided hundreds of companies and individuals through their small and large-scale building jobs, so we’ve seen it all. We’ve put together some of our top three tips on where to begin and what to consider from the outset.

Start with questions

The first step relies heavily on research. The aim is to answer some of the most basic questions around the job, whether it’s building a house or laying a new patio – for example what is your end goal? How will it get built? What are the key stages and what regulations and certificates will you need, if any?

Every project can be broken down into manageable chunks of work and tasks, so that you can begin to understand what resources it will require to succeed. Make contact early on with your local trade and materials supplier to take advantage of their extensive experience. They will be able to guide you on the scope of the project – and begin to address the budget.

Consider cost and cash flow

Now you understand the ‘how’, the next step is to create a detailed specification of materials. You can then work with your supplier to agree the cost against a realistic delivery schedule. Order delays can seriously impact the bottom-line, on the other hand materials that arrive too early could end up sitting around which means you’ll have to find somewhere to store them. Try to avoid over or under-stocking and always check the quality.

We pride ourselves on our honest and competitive pricing so that our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that our estimates are transparent, with preferential rates for cash and credit customers.

Avoid the common pit-falls

There are a handful of issues that commonly trip up even the most seasoned professional, causing frustrating delays as a project veers off course. Before you begin, try to assess which areas might cause headaches further down the line and ask yourself how you can mitigate this risk. Get the right people to do the job – if a task requires a skilled expert then outsource. Finally, beware ‘scope-creep’ – it’s very tempting to change things but if it wasn’t initially accounted for it will affect the budget.

If you’re planning your next project and need some advice, please give us a call on 01306 628114 or pop down to our depot to talk to our experienced team. We’re easy to find, on the A24 at Kingsfold, just north of Horsham on the West Sussex/Surrey border.

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