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Beat the winter gloom!

It's that time of year when the clocks go back and we all start to miss summer. Gloomy weather can make our homes feel dreary and uninviting, affecting our mood and overall wellbeing. But there are ways of letting in natural light to cheer every room, and brighten spirits into the bargain. Make the most of winter sunshine with the following tips:

Tackle overgrown bushes, trees and climbing plants.

Whether it's a rampant wisteria or a rambling rose, plants that grow around windows can block a surprising amount of light. Bushes and trees close to the house have the same effect. So be brutal with your secateurs and loppers – you'll be amazed at the results.

Clean the windows.

Once you've cleared any foliage around them, it's time for some elbow grease. It's a simple trick, but sparkling windows inside and out really do make a difference to light levels in the home.
Accessorise. Place a wall mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light and greenery, while giving the illusion of extra space in the room. Shiny accessories such as a silver or chrome fruit bowl, a table lamp with a glass base or a mirrored photo frame will also refract light around the room. Doors with glass panels are another great way of letting daylight stream from one room to another.

Go white!

Tap into Scandi style by painting rooms bright white. At D W Nye we offer a range of great-value McPherson trade paints to offer excellent coverage on your walls and ceilings. Paint

Invest in Velux windows.

When rooms still feel dark despite all your best efforts, adding a Velux window can be transformative. Great for extensions and loft conversions, these roof windows can be professionally installed quickly and easily. Take a look at our Velux range to get an idea of the options. Velux Windows

If you're feeling inspired to take on a new DIY or building project before winter sets in, why not pop along to our depot on the A24, just north of Horsham? We hope to welcome you soon!

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