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The Green Homes Grant Scheme

Green Homes Grant Scheme - is your business registered?

The launch of the government’s new Green Homes Grant scheme is a welcome initiative for homeowners and tradespeople alike. With thousands of existing properties across the country falling well below acceptable levels for energy efficiency and carbon emissions, the government is hoping it will help improve the situation and in turn provide homeowners with greener properties and benefit tradespeople with additional income opportunities. 

What is the Green Homes Grant scheme?

The Green Homes Grant Scheme will allow homeowners and landlords to apply for a voucher from the government towards the cost of qualifying energy efficiency and low carbon heating improvements to homes. The voucher will cover two thirds of this cost up to £5,000 or, for households on low incomes or receiving certain benefits, all of the cost up to £10,000. 

What does this mean for tradespeople?

The good news is tradespeople will also benefit from the scheme. This financial incentive will help to encourage householders and landlords to make improvements to their properties they might not have done before and appoint skilled tradespeople and businesses to undertake the work on their behalf. However, to carry out work under the scheme, all tradespeople and businesses will need to be certified to install energy efficiency or low carbon heat measures to relevant standards and must register their certification. 

How does my business register to undertake work for the Green Homes Grant?

Tradespeople and businesses will need to register for TrustMark if they carry out energy efficiency and/or low carbon heating improvements under the scheme. Before you can do this, you must be certified to relevant standards.

If you install energy efficiency measures, you must be certified to install measures against Publicly Available Specification (PAS) standards 2030: 2017 or 2030: 2019 by a certification body that has been accredited by UKAS

If you install low carbon heat measures such as heat pumps, you must be certified with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

How are tradespeople paid under the Green Homes Grant?

Once your company is registered on the TrustMark website, you will be added to a directory of certified installers on the Simple Energy Advice website, where homeowners can contact you to obtain a quote for the work they want carried out. 

Homeowners who wish to utilise the scheme will need to appoint a certified tradesperson or business and apply for a voucher. The voucher will show the name of the tradesperson or business that the homeowner has chosen to carry out the work. 

Once all work has been completed, the government will pay the tradesperson or business for the costs covered by the voucher with any applicable remaining costs to be paid for by the homeowner. There are some caveats to redeeming the vouchers so it recommended that you check the Green Homes Grant scheme instructions and voucher terms and conditions before agreeing to undertake any work.

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