Aplha Trio Block Paving Project Pack 11.64m2 - 3 Size Project Pack Project Pack - Brindle

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Product Code: NLAT50BR

Weight(kg): 1,258.000

Width: Project Pack

Material: Concrete

Colour: Brindle

Range: 50mm Block Paving

Brand: Brett

Other: Aplha


With a distressed aged look that blends well with most surroundings, it isn?t surprising that Alpha Antique is one of the most popular choices.
The yellow and orange tones evoke a warm rustic ambience, ideal for period properties. For more contemporary homes, the elegant greys give a sophisticated touch.
Project Pack Contains:
132no. Small 105 x 140mm
198no. Medium 140 x 140 mm
198no. Large 210 x 140mm