Debotec Torch On Felt

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Product Code: RF10

Weight(kg): 24.000

Brand: Rose Roofing


A most extensive range of products for use in refurbishments and new roofing projects. The Debotec range can offer the specifier choices to suit client budgets / product life expectancy requirements.

The Debotec range is offered in a traditional three layer built up system using universal venting/perforated layers, glass fibre base sheets intermediate layers followed by final capping layers.

Our suggested 3 layer built up specification offering 20 year product guarantee:

Plywood deck exterior grade BS

Vapour control layer Chesterstop VB (product code P714) (metal lined)

Insulation (PUR) type rigid board

Debotec Debovent p (product code 2706) ? venting layer

Intermediate layer Laser Gold glass fibre underlay (product code P901)

Final waterproofing layer Laser Gold mineral polyester (product code P903