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Laying Templeton Driveway Setts

Our 6-step guide to laying Templeton Driveway Setts

What can be more satisfying than gazing out of your front window at a newly-laid driveway? A neat and attractive drive can freshen up the front of your home or turn a patchy lawn into a useful parking space while still looking stylish. So with summer on the way, why not take advantage of the drier weather and longer hours to start work on a new drive?

Stonemarket Templeton Driveway Setts
As of June, we’re introducing an exciting addition to our stock of Stonemarket driveway systems: Templeton Driveway Setts. This easy-to-use product includes a straight-edged base on every flagstone, allowing fast and simple installation. With each Project Pack containing five different sizes of sett, you can easily lay out the driveway pattern of your choice without the hassle and cost of fiddly cutting to fit.

Templeton Driveway Setts come in two different colour options: dark grey Vienna, and the lighter-coloured Arrezo. Both provide a uniform yet natural appearance for a contemporary but realistic slate look. It’s a nice balance between clean, neat lines and unrefined, characterful stone.

The 6 steps to laying Templeton Driveway Setts

1. Prepare the ground
Once you’ve measured out the area for your driveway, excavate the site so you’re left with a surface of soil.

2. Ready the base
Lay a base of 100-150mm compacted hardcore on top of the soil. The easiest way is to use a digger to spread the hardcore and then pack it down with the bucket. For proper drainage, this surface needs a fall with a ratio of 1:60, which means the bottom of a standard 6 metre-long driveway needs to be 10cm lower than the top.

3. Screeding
Screed out a 50mm layer of sharp sand on top of the hardcore.

4. Place the edging
Use a footing of concrete to lay your edging of choice along the perimeter of the drive.

5. Lay the setts
Templeton Driveway Setts are laid dry on top of the sand base. Place the setts flush against each other in your chosen pattern. The straight bottom of each sett provides a consistent base to help ensure a neat layout.

6. Fix the setts
Templeton packs come with ready-mixed jointing compound; brush it into the gaps with water to form a rigid and reliable connection. Finally, use a little water and a soft brush to remove any excess jointing material, leaving a clean and shiny appearance.

Templeton Driveway Setts are a great way to create a beautiful drive while saving time and money. Now all there is to do is stand back and admire the view. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbours when you’re washing your car on your smart and stylish driveway!

For more information on driveway paving products, just drop us a line or come and say hello at our Kingsfold depot.