Metposts and Spurs

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  • Metpost Wedgegrip 3" x 30" x 3"

    Metpost Wedgegrip

    The Wedge Grip holds each post in a vice like grip without the need for nails or screws, and is the ideal solution for erecting wooden fences.

    Price (inc VAT).: £9.66

  • Metpost System 2 3" x 30" x 3"

    Metpost System 2

    A twin bolt, heavy duty system allowing even easier post installation and replacement. The twin bolt grip ensures a secure and long lasting fix for the varying widths of timber uprights of gazeb... more

    Price (inc VAT).: £10.64

  • Metpost Bolt Down Syst-2 3" x 3"

    Metpost Bolt Down Syst-2

    The Metpost Flush Fitting Bolt Down is ideal where circumstances dictate that a post should be fixed against a flush surface, or alternatively mounted onto a wall. It is particularly suitable fo... more

    Price (inc VAT).: £8.32

  • Metpost Repair Spur 3" x 3"

    Metpost Repair Spur

    The Metpost Repair Spur is the solution to the problem of rotted posts which have broken off at ground level. Ideal for repairing gale damaged fencing.

    Price (inc VAT).: £7.52

  • Metpost Concrete In System 2 3" x 3"

    Metpost Concrete In System 2

    The Metpost Concrete-In has been designed for use in hard-standing areas or where ground conditions prevent the use of Metpost Post Support spikes.The Metpost Concrete-In is ideal for carports, ... more

    Price (inc VAT).: £8.74